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Mujeres with talent – organizations of textile artisans and garment makers develop and strengthen the local economy.

Project: Mujeres with talent – organizations of textile artisans and garment makers develop and strengthen the local economy.


General objective: To contribute to economic development, social inclusion and poverty reduction of women

Specific objective: to increase the economic and social possibility of women’s craft, textile and garment-making organisations to achieve economic autonomy and equality, through capacity building, consolidation of the participatory model and impact on public policies.

Location: Peru, Sicuans and Ate

Project duration: 1 November 2016 to 28 February 2020

Beneficiaries: 700 textile and garment artisans organized in 25 associations (10 of Ate and 15 of Sicuani); 50 public officials; 2 universities; 20 national and local media; 10 private companies. Indirect beneficiaries: 25000 inhabitants of Ate + 25000 inhabitants of Sicuani.


The project generates a programme of sustainable productive development (training, technical assistance, internship, certification), a marketing programme (fairs, use of technology, marketing, sales spaces, catalogues), a programme of productive innovation (design) with support for innovation initiatives and a consultancy programme of exchanges between producers (training and technical assistance).

The central focus is training on the impact in public policies, with a widespread information campaign, through a Radio Ideele programme, a socio-entrepreneurial study and a plan for the structural transformation of micro-enterprises into solidarity organisations.

The “sustainable week” is planned: dissemination of good practices and systematization of the work and model of textile and garment artisans, who achieve entrepreneurial skills and capacity for innovation in the creation of sustainable fashion products and increase their sales. Women’s groups in the textile/packaging sector increase the exercise of their social and economic rights through participation and impact in public policies (business development service, control systems, safety, health systems) as well as structuring an action strategy for local economic development that promotes the autonomy of women and connects the organizations of the craft/textile and garment sector with the local and national public sector, private companies, universities, civil society.

Associations and partners involved: ADEC-ATC Asociación Laboral para el desarrollo, Mincetur – Ministry of Foreign Trade and Tourism, RADIO IDEELE, AMEP – association of women entrepreneurs in Peru.

Funders: the project is funded by the European Union.