Slide Association Solidarity Emerging Countries CF: 8100 9470 139 "The association is based in Cantù and [...] aims to prepare and send volunteer technicians to Third World countries to collaborate in economic and social development; to find and ship consumer and instrumental goods and materials of all kinds, designed to carry out this collaboration "

So we were born in 1979
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Our work over the years has grown richer. In Italy we work with schools, territory, local authorities to raise awareness, train and involve citizens. All over the world we promote volunteering as an experience of exchange and growth for young people through local service initiatives and international mobility. Finally, we continue to collaborate with associations and realities in Burundi, Peru, Bolivia, Guinea Conakry and Ethiopia.

CF : 81009470139

What we do

We work on issues related to interculture, rights, health, agriculture and economic development in Latin America, Africa and Europe with development cooperation projects, youth mobility, training and awareness raising.









Our values

Interculturality and universal citizenship

It is the profound experience of interdependence between peoples. ASPEm wants to contribute to the recognition and appreciation of cultural and spiritual diversities through the exchange and cooperation between subjects in a perspective of mutual contamination, learning and growth.


It is an indispensable value, understood as an attitude and conscious choice, as responsibility and determination to commit oneself to the common good. Ours is to be a preferential option for the most vulnerable in a liberating perspective.


ASPEm wants to stimulate and strengthen the personal, social and political capacities of active subjects committed to change and able to recognize themselves in the processes of transformation.


ASPEm promotes volunteering as an active, responsible and conscious choice, expression of freedom and instrument of liberation for oneself and for others.

Dignity of the person

It is the central element in the pursuit of justice, equality and peace, built through the recognition and exercise of the rights of individuals, communities and peoples.

Networks Promotion

ASPEm aims to implement a strong and active presence on the territory through the promotion of networks between subjects and the support of processes, thus enhancing the existing conditions and building ideal ones.

Donor and Collaborations

Through its projects ASPEm wants to promote an integral and sustainable development, capable of managing human, economic and natural resources in a positive way. The choice of partners takes into account the attention they show for the most vulnerable and the support they offer to the protagonism of the subjects and communities they belong to. Translated with (free version)

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